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In the beginning, there was excruciating manual research.

Obtain a product list. Parse it out to filter and target the optimum items with an overly convoluted, complicated, one-off spreadsheet. Keep going through a headache-full of machinations and massaging to get your list where you want it. Highlight all kinds of stuff. Figure out some algorithm to get the cream to the top. Hope you remember what this was and what that meant and that you use all of your same calculated wizardry when you approach the next list. Hope you can find the original sale sheet because you've been procrastinating on doing this so long the stinking prices have already changed. Or, you took so long to get this far to make a decision you lost out on free shipping or the show special or they even went out of stock. You know this stuff is necessary...

We were determined to find a better way.

After selling products on Amazon for a few years, we were weary of the research process. Bar none, our least favorite part of the business was researching the products we've sourced. It took forever to do manually and other "automated" methods left a lot to be desired.

Our good fortune led us to one of the best developers on the planet, a long time friend. Talking one night, we decided to solve our research problem once and for all. Next thing you know, indbl was created. It stands for Intelligence Drives the Bottom Line. Pretty cool, we know.

Born out of frustration and a desire to build something better, for over a year we have been building and brainstorming a tool intended to be the best product of its kind. It's finally your turn to improve this project and make it better than we ever imagined. We can at long last invite you to not just be customers, but partners and collaborators. Already powerful even in their infancy, our cutting edge products and services WILL enhance and expand your sales. We can't wait to bring out the big guns further down the line.