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How it works

Here at INDBL we use a system called research credits. One research credit is good for the research of one product. As of this time (during the beta) we have a limitation of 10,000 rows of products and 20 columns of data that you can upload for research. We intend to expand that later. For each product you research, we return Amazon data for up to ten matching listings. We are so committed to ensuring you choose the right listing to match your product that we provide these matches (up to ten per item) for free. So, you might submit 10,000 items, and theoretically, could have a list returned with 100,000 responses. This won't happen, but it is just an example.

Here is the data we return:
  • ASIN
  • Product Name
  • Sales Rank
  • Buy box price
  • FBA low Price
  • MFN low price
  • MFN shipping price
  • FBA fees
  • MFN fees
  • Group (ex: Electronics)
  • Height, weight, and length
  • Product Image
  • MSRP
  • Amount of new offers
  • Amount of used offers
  • ... and more!

That's a lot of data. Determine how many products you want to research, choose a package from the right, and get to researching!

Can't decide if you should ship a product yourself or use FBA?

Fuggetaboutit. We calculate both and tell you how much you stand to gain or lose with either choice.


    Credit Packs Pack Cost Cost per Credit Discount
    2,500 $15.00 $0.006 None
    10,000 $25.00 $0.0025 58%
    100,000 $95.00 $0.00095 84%
    250,000 $150.00 $0.0006 90%

    Need more credits? Contact us for bulk rates.